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Test Pressing

G Marie / Tarnished Idol / Pleasure Wave

Test Pressing, Review, Dr Rob, G Marie, Tarnished Idol, Keyboard Masher, Pleasure Unit, Pleasure Wave, Kenny Wisdom, Les Crocodiles

A bit of a departure for KM Editions / Pleasure Unit: a new label, a long player, not an edit in sight, and sounds not necessarily aimed at a dance floor. G Marie charts a course in darker waters. A black night music where bass is a vacuum, high-hats an army of knives being sharpened. Stripped back, sparse, compositions of drum machine ritual, thigh bone horn, sacred song and prayer. Its obsidian ambience like a scrying stone reflection of O Yuki Conjugate, Muslimguaze and Alan Hurst`s “Nzambi”. Its melody glacial. Its percussion a vapour, explosions in time-lapse, frozen fireworks adorning a pitch sky.

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