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Test Pressing

Jaime Read / On The Beaches / Golf Channel

Test Pressing, Dr Rob, Review, Jaime Read, On The Beaches, Golf Channel, New York, Brighton, Phil South

“Rolling Dreams” is piano-led, bass heavy House where Jaime`s Blues-y vocal shares the sexually aroused edge and theme of Jerry Harrison`s “Rev It Up” (and ride). “A Night In Shirley” is more Proto than Chicago. Brighter piano tones and oriental timbred percussion are countered with a Mr Fingers simplicity but pitched at a slower Boogied tempo. Adorned with Bob James Jazz “Taxi” keys “Is It Real What U Feel” scubas up close to Steve Cobby`s aquatic Funk, and the Steve Cobby comparison still holds for “Kaanile”, this time nodding towards Steve`s apprenticeship at FON, as WARP`s old bleep joins a Detroit Beatdown vibe of Carl Craig and Urban Tribe. A melodica takes the track`s IDM for drinks at Doctor Rockit`s “Café De Flore” and regales it tales of food and revolutionary art.

“On The Beaches” is in shops now. There are no clips on Soundcloud or Youtube as yet, but you can have a listen (and buy) over at Juno.

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