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Test Pressing

Mix / Test Pressing Round Up / January 2016

Opening and closing with edits from the mysterious Jupiter & Mars. One from the past and one for the future. More Library Jazz / Funk from Aficionado. Another teaser from that CFCF mini-LP, this one with a touch of the Methneys. Ambience from the amazing Suso Saiz collection (on Music From Memory) and Tropical Hi-Fi (on Emotional Response). Two Weatherall moments. The poetry of Lowroad on the Lord Sabre curated Moine Dubh, and a collaboration with Nina Walsh, Piano Magic`s Franck Alba and Youth, together invading the heart. D.K. does his best Vangelis (circa “Good To See You”). Moscoman & Red Axes rattle steel pans and do their best Wolf Muller / Themes For Great Cities / Salon Des Amateurs (does “Wolf Muller” now qualify as a genre?). Andras Fox reprises “No Way Back” via Laidback`s “White Horse”. Ruf Dug gets put through Al Breadwinner`s board. Anna Homler spins yarns from other worlds. G Marie invoke Muslimgauze. Black Classical run the Voodoo down.


Lucio Battisti / Il Nostro Caro Angelo (Jupiter & Mars Numero Uno); Imperfect Product / Solina; CFCF / Fleurs Laisses dans Un Taxi; Tropical Hi-Fi / Tradewinds; Suso Saiz / Linda Cubana; Lowroad / Black Swan; D.K. / Journey To The Sun; Moscoman & Red Axes / Dikembe Manutu; Ruf Dug / Rasta Beach (Al Breadwinner Dub); Admas / Kalatashew Waga (Andras Fox Remix); Anna Homler & Steve Moshier / Ee Che; The Woodleigh Research Facility / Taqiya; G Marie / Konstanze; Black Classical / Running The Voodoo Down; Super Mama Djombo / Marietu Djeme; Floating Points / Silhouettes (Jupiter & Mars Edit).

Thank you to the labels:

Aficionado, International Feel, Emotional Response, Music From Memory, Moine Dubh, Antinote, ESP Institute, Music For Dreams, Major Problems, RVNG Intl., Rotters Golf Club, Keyboard Masher, On The Corner, New Dawn.

Test Pressing, Dr Rob, Mix, January 2016, Round Up

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