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Test Pressing

Phillipi & Rodrigo / Karma / Deewee

Test Pressing, Review, Dr Rob, Soulwax, 2ManyDJs, Belgium, Deewee, Brasil, Fatnotronic, Phillipi & Rodrgio, Karma

Birdsong and bongos recreate the climate of Dubtribe`s “Equitoreal”, beneath its House beat, the rising snarl of a 303. A deep booming voice intones “Karma” and just as the skies and your mind tear open, just as you`re about to peak, instead of doing a Hardfloor, the Acidic rush stops and your left standing there starkers surrounded by chickens and clock chimes. The unexpected perhaps more of a head-fuck (Apiento and I were laughing aloud at the absurd genius of it). Dancefloor surrealism. Dali & Jodorowsky messing with your trip.

The flip boasts an intro of E`d up, phased synths, whiplash hi-hats, and twinkling keys. In the distance there`s a memory of kids at play, remembered as if looking at an old photograph. Then the bass drops. A big bouncing ball accompanied by computerized kalimba and Brazilian Boogie vocals. Robson & Olivetti given a kick (these guys, Fatnotronic, once edited “Onda”).

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