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Test Pressing

Video / Breadwoman Unmasked

Test Pressing, Dr Rob, RVNG ITNL., Video, Art, Anna Homler, Steve Moshier, Douglas McCarthy, Nitzer Ebb, Genesis Breyer P. Porridge, Benin, Vodun, Breadwoman

If you`d like to learn a little more about how Anna Homler discovered the mythic creature known as “Breadwoman” in the belly of “The Whale”, her `61 Cadillac, RVNG ITNL. have just made public a short documentary on Anna entitled “Tales & Trails”, directed by Hazel Hill McCarthy III and Douglas McCarthy (ex-of Nitzer Ebb). As Andrew Choate`s excellent sleeve notes that accompany the RVNG ITNL. reissue of the Breadwoman tapes state, “her language doesn`t say a “ what”, it creates a “where”.

Hazel & Douglas have also just completed a feature length work shot in Ouidah, Benin, that charts a very personal journey into Vodun made by Throbbing Gristle / Psychic TV`s Genesis Breyer P. Orridge, and which you can help fund here

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