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Test Pressing

Asa Moto / Deewee

Dr Rob, Test Pressing, Review, Asa Moto, Deewee, 2manydjs, Soulwax, Stay Awake, Wanowan Efem,

Two Electro Kalimba jams from Soulwax / 2manydjs` Deewee. “Stay Awake” puts the “thumb-piano” in with filtered hi-hats, echoed percussion and `50s Sci-Fi B-movie sound effects, all over bursts of massive bass, that bass occasionally churning, bubbling, turning itself inside out, dropping the track`s pH below 7. At around the six minute mark harmonised repetition of the title phrase provides a breakdown and the synths then switch from Ed Wood to Kosmische and pastoral. “Wanowan Efem”, the shorter, more straightforward cut, shimmys that psychedelic Sanza up against bongos, organ stabs and Afro Moog, has it dancing an excuse-me with Africaine 808`s “Balla Balla”.

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