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Test Pressing

Fett Burger Bites Back (We Mean That In A Hip Hop Way)...

It’s like Roxanne Shanté and The Real Roxanne all over again… Taken from Facebook and in a the spirit of keeping things open.

Fett Burger, Bites, Graf, Infusions

Message from the man DJ FB:


Inspiration is a nice thing. And everybody creative needs to get inspired to be able to create their artwork. But sometimes it can be a blurry line between what’s inspiration and what’s ripping of, or plain plagiarism.Of course it’s OK to steal and create something. But do it with style and your own way.

This inspired artist didn’t do his own thing, therefore I took it back and did his thing with style!

Biters delight. Hip Hop from the top!

DJ Fett B


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