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Test Pressing

Mix / Bullion

In keeping with his own recorded output here`s a seamlessly mixed collage of wonky rhythmic alternatives from Bullion. A frenetic, electronic, yet steamy tropical groove of conga avant garde, Paradise Garage handclaps, chiming Trance Rock, Electro popcorn popping, robotic Samba and Afro-cuban exuberance. Dieter Meier latin dances into an original raver from Westbam. Alex From Tokyo & Bing Ji Ling make authentic New Wave moves. I.R.T. take a Nuyorcian piano to the Funhouse. Machine-Jazz-Fusion mixes with beatbox basic Hip Hop, and Madonna.


  • Yello – Downtown Samba
  • Westbam – Monkey Say Monkey Do
  • JTC – Infinite Organism
  • Embryo – Konga
  • The Antennas – Just Your Love
  • TNT Subhead – Ecstasy Release (Tom Ov England remix)
  • DK – Losing Ground
  • Joe – Punters Step Out
  • Guru Guru – Giri Fushi
  • Dedication – Don’t Move
  • Yuji Toriyama – Maze
  • DJ Nature – Bush Beat
  • I.R.T. – Watch The Closing Doors! (Dub mix)
  • Edan – Let’s Be Friends
  • Madonna – La Isla Bonita

Test Pressing, Mix, Dr Rob, Bullion, Nathan Jenkins, Deek, Nautic, Blludd Relations

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