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Test Pressing

Tryck & Ton / Sunday Morning

Test Pressing, Review, Tryck & Ton, Sweden, Sunday Morning, Anton Klimt, Edvin Edvinsson

The chug of the Soul II Soul break pinched for that boot of Edie Brickel`s “What I Am” meets the self-conscious skank of Keyboard Masher`s “Le Cod”, Michael Nyman`s bass clarinet honks and the Balearic Beat of Daniel Melingo`s “Narigon”.

“Æ” ain`t bad either. Like a “tired & emotional” reprise of “A Song For Denise”, “Prisencolinsinenainciun”, or “Stop Bajon”.

You can pick one up direct from Anton and Edvin and check Apiento`s recent NTS show to hear “Sunday Morning” bashed enthusiastically into a whole load of other great new music.

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