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Test Pressing

Ex-Terrestrial / Paraworld / 1080p

Test Pressing, Dr Rob, Review, 1080p, Vancouver, Canada, Paraworld, Ex-Terrestrial

An E.P. that picks up where Andras` “Surfer`s Paradise” mix of “Gold Coast” left off, with ambient Techno tones riding breaks of various guises. The title track has an African sun rise over Detroit (or Motor City`s relics transported to a Serengeti plain) and recalls Stacey Pullen`s Bango cutting up Olatunji`s “Jin-Go-Lo-Bah”. A ritual Beating System paired with cloud like treatments of strings and drones. “Aletheia” makes like Terre Thaemlitz running with “Apache” on his remix of June or his Mancuso-favoured “Raw Through A Straw”. “Blue Smoke” stretches wind chimes, trumpets and a spoken word sample like Tim Leary via Murk`s Misson Control over “Wildstyle” military snares to create a “moment” in the manner of Bandulu`s “Invaders”.

I`m not sure when the vinyl is due but you can purchase digital direct here.

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