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Test Pressing

Ichisan & Nakova / Cosmic Pint Glass

Test Pressing, Review, Dr Rob, Cosmic Pint Glass, Ichisan, Nakova, Slovenia

From the Slovenian Alps Ichisan (Apiento was a big fan of his last release on Catune) & Nakova (Nang) do their “Yugo-Disco” thing for Cosmic Pint Glass. Fat lips blow bass raspberries into tubas as nouveau-Italo arpeggios that would make Mario Bassanov proud mix with ping-ponging melodies and dubwise guitar licks. The friends of ten years standing then enlist Jonathan Krisp for a remix that ups the percussion and which combined with its nagging repetitive riffs reminds me of Chris Duckenfield`s Swag “riding” Lisa Shaw for Naked music (“Garage” circa 2004, sadly no clips on-line). The standout for me however, is Ruf Dug`s take on “Princesa”. Simon Rufdug Mcruff Al-duggleston transports the bulk of the track to Chicago and back to a time when Marshall Jefferson recorded an anthem and transformed a sound created by Frankie Knuckles and beaten raw by Ron Hardy by daring to add strident, joyous, Gospel pianos to sparse, hypnotic drum machine rhythms. That`ll be 1986 then.

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