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Test Pressing

Mix / Justin Strauss / AREA

“Area was like no other club ever. Looking back and seeing the incredible book on the club that came out a few years, it was hard to believe that all that really happened. I was hanging out at the Garage every Saturday after playing at AREA. There was so much great music coming from everywhere. And it all just worked. I’ve been lucky to play at amazing and legendary clubs, but AREA was my all time favourite.” – Justin Strauss

FK Dubs, Electro Blues, Disco Spirituals, and Latino Funhouse Freestyle percussion work outs. Levan magic and a Tony Humphries trip to Zanzibar, New Jersey. Boyd Jarvis` Proto-House and seminal Italo. A soundtrack to a pre-AIDS hedonistic abandon. Chicago darkness, high energy Rock Ballads, New Romances, and divas. Lil` Louis Vega on the edit for Tommy Boy, Heard & Owens stripped back, minimal and shaking baby, shaking. Mantronix`s collaged sound of a New York sidewalk, souped up and polished. Dancehall in House`s echoed and delayed space. A play-list set to “wilfully eclectic” to reflect the diverse nature of AREA`s crowd, from art dealers to drug dealers, from Basquiat to Warhol. Uptown rocks Downtown and Downtown rocks Uptown on a themed dance floor and in a unisex bathroom.

“Meet me in the john, John.”

Eric Goode, Shawn Hausman, Darius Azari, Christopher Goode, Jennifer Goode, Justin Strauss, Interview, Dr Rob, Test Pressing, AREA, Mudd Club, Ritz, Limelight, New York, 157 Hudson Street, Lower Manhattan

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