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Test Pressing

Mix / March 2016 Round Up

A post-midnight blue Noir Leo Mas favourite. A “Cycle” that calls on the power of Hans Zimmer`s score for Time`s tides. An English Summer past, Nature improvising in the key of D. A piece of Venetian genius. A Carl Craig-esque Techno epic by way of the White Isle. Luke Wyatt taking inspiration from the history of his new home, Berlin, to create a sound like Eno & Byrne cutting and collaging the Penguin Cafe Orchestra. A sublime stretch of electric counterpoint from the archives of Steve Cobby (last heard on Moonboot`s equally sublime Sunrise Session). Phil Mison & Danny Rampling making like the Cocteaus covering Art Of Noise`s “Crusoe”, for a soundtrack to those Love International sunsets. Laurie Anderson reworked in the mode of One Dove at Compass Point (featured on Lexx` Mixcloud chart topping Croatia teaser). Unidentified Euro-Pop Reggae and a highly sought after piece of Channel One (that again borrows from Compass Point). A Germanic House track that purports to be from `89 (forthcoming on Music For Dreams. Are they the drums from Weatherall`s remix of St. Etienne that I can hear?). Antipodean Dub, easy-listening loops from Sweden, an african shakedown, a new Cantoma alter ego, and an Italian classic finally legitimately reissued.

  • Giorgio Li Calzi – Blue Lights – Music For Dreams
  • Matt Dunkley – Cycle 6 (Nigel Wiesehan Remix) – Village Green
  • Be – Into – Rivertones
  • Tempelhof & Gigi Masin – Cornersong – Hell Yeah!
  • Mark Barrott – Cascades – International Feel
  • Torn Hawk – Feeling Is Law – Mexican Summer
  • Steve Cobby & Rich Arthurs – Bushfarmer – Aficionado
  • Cantoma – Claudio`s Theme – Highwood
  • Eugene Tambourine – Blue Lagoon – Tummy Touch
  • Tryck & Ton – Sunday Morning – Tryck & Ton
  • B.B. Seaton – Dancing In The Moonlight – Jamwax
  • 380 Volt Electric Papa – I Think You Are Boring – Music For Dreams
  • Len Leise – O Caminho (Dub) – International Feel
  • Ishi Vu – Tema Per Malva – Omena
  • Deltino Guerreiro – Duas Caras – Kongoloti
  • Ambala – Sergio`s Dance – Music For Dreams
  • Don Carlos – Alone – Groovin

Test Pressing, Dr Rob, Mix, March 2016, Round Up

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