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Mix / Matt Sewell / Cuckoo

Matt Sewell, Illustrator, Mix, Test Pressing, Cuckoo

Ok this one is a little bit different but it is a truly lovely thing. Matt Sewell is an illustrator of note. If you haven’t seen his work this is him above – an apt drawing of a cuckoo. Nature is very central to what he does. If you haven’t seen his work before we can recommend any of his books – ‘Our Garden Birds’ and ‘Our Songbirds’, his books on Owls and Penguins or his ‘Spotting and Jotting Guide’. Anyway, even my mum loves them and she’s got very good taste and that is all the recommendation you need.

This mix is obviously based around the Cuckoo. As Matt points out, ‘this mix isn’t just a collection of field recordings and songs about cuckoos, it is a documentation of the bird’s metaphysical journey to and across the British Isles. With coveting choirs and folksong heralding the cuckoo’s song of Spring whose first calls banishes the Winter and their infamously dodgy parenting methods before setting sail back for warmer climes.’

We should also mention that one of the most played compilations in our office last year was his ‘A Crushing Glow’ compilation which he has a follow up to this year that will have extended versions with first up being ‘Gayatari Mantra’ by Anuradha Paudwal in June. All released by Caroline True and if you haven’t heard the first one we recommend checking it out. Let the bird sing…

Matt Sewell, Illustrator, Mix, Test Pressing, Cuckoo

You can find out more on Matt’s work at his website here.

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