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Pouring sand languidly from the cocktail glass, third eye wide, whilst reaching knowingly for a mystic cigarette through the exquisite, psychic fog ov gaia. Marching, the icy organ treads a determined, restless path which runs close to a Baumann/Schroeder/Moebius cluster and highsteps all over the inverted glowing drones and bass thrums. Does it really know where to go though? Tense synthetic string swells fade into the call of a mourning Shofur. We’re past the point of no return now lads. The spirit guide seems reliable though, just don’t let him get concerned. Is there a hazy memory of a sexed-up slow motion Carpenter, Grauzone or Ceramic Hello from the back of the room? Behind the haze? Perhaps not. Manpower grins and dials up the acid.

Naduve sends us details of a Trip in Tel Aviv, a long promised voyage into the psychedelic tropics of his home. It sits comfortably alongside the the wave of hardware-centric dance music drawing on Middle Eastern influence which felt a boom last year – debatably instigated by the massive Acid Arab compilations, with Red Axes, Moscoman, Khidja and Autarkic doing some pretty interesting stuff alongside Naduve’s 84% Creativity crew. Geddit here.

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