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Test Pressing

Pitch / What Am I Gonna Do For Fun / Idle Press

Test Pressing, Dr Rob, Review, Pitch, Idle Press, Laurent Richard, DJ Sundae, Hollie, Paris

Another old friend, Parisian DJ Sundae, says a sad “Goodbye” to Hollie, and “Hello” to new venture Idle Press, whose first release is a rarity from 1982. Pitch`s “What Am I Gonna do For Fun?” is a hip mix of Celluloid`s B-Side, Ze Records` Christina, and the Funk of Savant`s tape experiments, the vocal delivered in the “cool”, bored tone of a porn star absently smoking a cigarette while her stud bangs away. For the reissue Diskant`s Toulouse Low Trax straightens the groove and cuts away the bulk of that vocal, loops up what`s left, turning the bored porn star into Laurie Anderson leaving a cryptic answer phone message.

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