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Test Pressing

Siren / Paradise / Compost

Test Pressing, Dr Rob, Review, Siren, Paradise, Compost, New York, Dennis Kane, APT, Startree, Felice Rosser, Darshan Jesrani, Ghost Town

The original makes like the soulful side of Marshall Jefferson, with Bam Bam`s want. Ten City with orchestrated brass and moody urban jungle (Wonz) keys. The Truth`s eyes opened, time marching on, Robert Owens saved. Downtown icon Felice Rosser`s powerful vocal just shy of Stingly`s falsetto.

On the flip Gavin Russom completely reworks and updates the track into clattering, rattling, bleeping Electro, dancing with the Devil and Steve Moore`s Panther Moderns as Hell`s bells ring. A mind-fucking orgy in a Lovecraft-ian pit, unnamed creatures slithering in the dark.

I would like to know what drug New York is currently on.

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