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Test Pressing

Suzanne Kraft / DJ Safety / Kitien

Suzanne Kraft, DJ Safety, Kitien, Dr Rob, Test Pressing, Review, Diego Herrera

Relocated from L.A. to the `Dam our mate Diego makes something a little more banging than his usual gear for Germany`s Kitien. “DJ Safety Track” hefts a heavy distorted House kick, its buzzing, fuzzy edges filtered and phased. Steve Poindexter`s, Dance Mania, mad computer Jazz mixes with wonky silvered, metallic, alien chords, Detroit via Stefan Robbers` “Analogue Expressions”. “Burn Me Down”`s Latin ritmo counters and bubbles in flux as red corpuscles rush to a gated melody. “Skype” plays with Sakamoto`s “1000 Knives” pitting oriental tones against bass and delay drops.

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