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Test Pressing

Wilson Tanner / 69 / Growing Bin

Test Pressing, Review, Dr Rob,  Wilson Tanner, Eleventeen Eston, Andras Fox, Growing Bin, Basso, 69

With the names involved here, Andras Fox (Andrew Wilson), Eleventeen Eston (John Tanner) and Basso, I picked this up without listening to it. When I did get to listen to it I was surprised. Based on their previous work I`d assumed that the music on “69” would be a simple combination of Andrew`s take on Larry Heard`s “Sceneries Not Songs” and John`s Japanese Fusion-inspired guitar licks. But it isn`t that at all. Instead it is eight relatively short compositions that in sequence form an incredibly accomplished piece of ambience.

It opens with drones that sound like sunrise, but I`m sure I`ve said that before (many times), so how about “morning`s first light through opened bedroom blinds, everything white, pure”. Stately piano adds a touch of the Gigi`s. Six strings ripple like wind chimes. A clarinet has Primal Scream “Coming Down”, “Radium Writing Its Signature”. Guitars move between electric and otherwise, backwards, and veer from “No Pussyfooting” Frippertronics, Guthrie on Foxx`s “Mirrorball”, and the dust of memory and heartbreak blown through Ry Cooder`s “Paris, Texas”. New Age keys and close mic`ed sharp steel microtones make “Love On A Real Train” as Stephan Micus joins Nash & Kraft for some Melody As Truth. Sun-dappled water-like timbres and motifs, playing along with nature; Black Swans, Silver Gulls, Shags, Parrots, Red-Tailed Cockatoos, Kingfishers, Pelicons, Magpies and Herons, where the river Aborigines call “Derbari Yerrigen” meets the Indian Ocean at Freemantle Harbour.

You can order directly from Basso & The Growing Bin here.

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