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L.I.E.S., L.I.E.S., L.I.E.S.

Test Pressing, Dr Rob, Review, L.I.E.S., Ron Morelli, Inhalants, KWC `92, Jorge Velez, 33.10.3402, Locks & DDM

Ron Morelli`s L.I.E.S.` five recent releases expand on the label`s gritty, bathtub acid, psychedelia, undoubtedly blowing minds when played loud on the dance floor of Brooklyn`s Bossa Nova Civic Club, but perhaps not music for dancing per se. Analogue machine chatter, that for all its post-Rave banging, actually resembles an electronic Exotica. I don`t think “Ambient” is the right word. This is not “BGM”. It`s intention is to transport you to another world, if not Martin Denny or Arthur Lyman`s suburban cocktail hour imagining of Hawaii.

Test Pressing, Dr Rob, Review, L.I.E.S., Ron Morelli, Inhalants, KWC `92, Jorge Velez, 33.10.3402, Locks & DDM

Matthew “Jahiliyya Fields” Morandi`s Inhalants have Kraftwerk`s “Pocket Calculator” malfunctioning, “distressed” by the salt water pressure of X-103`s “Atlantis”, but the bulk of “Deep Florida” could be an alternate soundtrack to a futuristic “Tempest”, a usurping of Bebe & Louis Barron from the “Forbidden Planet”. Jorge “Professor Genius” Velez`s “Animals Disk” creates computerised chamber pieces, like Oblaski playing with Sakamoto`s “End Of Asia”, and explicitly in the mode of Pyrolator. Nenad Markovic, as 33.10.3402, is “tribal” but his distorted stomps suggest mists and steam rising from a jungle morning, up river, close to Coppola`s heart of darkness, invoking A Certain Ratio, 23 Skidoo, the ritual of rhythm, and the magick of music. Locks & DDM push their drums and devices through window-pane wormholes, where they are stretched and squeezed into looped arrhythmia, processed sound bouncing back and forth against itself, and the noisy midnight chime of a shop full of fucked clocks. Make no mistake, this is still a heavy trip.

jorge velez animal disk

33103402 mechanica

Most accessible of the quintet is KWC `92`s “Iran”, Max Strenerudh & DJ Samo`s pieces for Thomas Jeppe’s “Compass Trouble Again” exhibition held at the Sazmanab Centre for Contemporary Art in Tehran. The Gregorian tone and bagpipe-like drone recalling Fatima Al Qadiri`s debut on Hyperdub and classic scores by Vangelis and Tangerine Dream.

locks and DDM

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