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Test Pressing

Mouth / Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea / Emotional Rescue

Test Pressing, Review, Dr Rob, Emotional Rescue, Mouth, Bristol, Y Records, Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea, Revolver, Nellee Hooper, Andy Guy, Rob Merrill

Emotional Rescue have collected music from Bristol`s Mouth`s two E.P.s. The creative core of Andy Guy and Rob Merrill first released “Ooh, Ah, Yeah” in 1981 on Revolver`s (the shop immortalised in Richard King`s “Original Rockers”) short-lived Recreational Records, Rob`s tribal drumming driving a crazy hepcat Jive. Timbales rattling in loose, improvised miniatures of Punk Funk, Jazz Punk, of shrieks and shouts in the vein of Blue Rondo A La Turk in a St. Paul`s soundclash with Tenpole Tudor. By `82`s “Who`s Hot?” Mouth were signed to Dick O`Dell`s Y Records and their studio line-up augmented by a pre-Wild Bunch Nellee Hooper and Pop Group / Pigbag`s Simon Underwood. The rub remained the same but was pushed way into bass heavy electronics and Dubwise. Also included on the new ER E.P. is the titular track, “Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea” lifted from Y`s sampler / compilation, “The Birth Of Y” (again from 1982). A comp that put Mouth in the company of Maximum Joy, Shriekback and Sun Ra, and a track that I first heard on a Gatto Fritto DJHistory mystery mix. A Proto-House mutant, at least half a decade ahead of its time, its sparse skittering percussion, BASS and computer chatter, sweetened by a female chorus and topped with a lascivious rap that sounds like Mark Stewart in a rare non-political, non-PC, moment.

“I do the backstroke, I do the front crawl, I love the breast stroke best of all.”

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