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Test Pressing

Bartosz Kruczyński / Baltic Beat / Growing Bin

Bartosz Kruczyński, Baltic Beat, Growing Bin, Test Pressing, Review, Dr Rob, Basso, Growing Bin, Ptaki, Poland, Transatlantyk, Emotional Response

Some of the work here has been premiered live. That performance and previous releases on Transatlantyk and Emotional Response, under Bartosz` alias of The Phantom, prepared me for the “counterpoint”, but the guitars, tuned to Gilmour, Kraft and Nash are new and something of a surprise. From the New Age intro of the side long “Baltic Beat”, the sound of sunsets and dusk, of the Earth breathing, in sync with its cycle of rising and falling, guitars chime like harbour lights coming on, like stars coming out. More music of the tides. As keys and “African Drug” woodblock percussion dance around, in and out of each other, creating that counterpoint, guitar darts opportunistically in the space in between. Hypnotic, spiralling and intricate. The flip contains four pieces that add `80s soundtrack beats, sampled shorelines and birdsong, piano, while rain falls outside, crackling like flame. The results make for a mix of Phil Manzanera, Uku Kuut and Mark Barrott. Moments in love remembered in childhood`s gardens of security. Echoes of voices in the surf.

You can order directly from Basso at the Growing Bin. Be warned, the Wilson Tanner went pretty sharpish.

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