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Test Pressing

Dan Lissvik / MIDNIGHT / Smalltown Supersound

Dr Rob, Test Pressing, Review, Studio, Sweden, Dan Lissvik, MIDNIGHT, Smalltown Supersound

The strongest image I get when listening to Dan Lissvik`s “MIDNIGHT” is that of Can doing “I Want More” on Top Of The Pops. “MIDNIGHT”`s production shares a tight, shiny, Can / Neu!-influenced, “Neo-Kosmische” space with Düsseldorf`s Kreidler and Cologne`s Von Spar, but it eschews those artists` purism for more bounce and more fun with a gleeful eclecticism, like Holger and Jaki with their sights set on the charts. Each track takes its name from a single letter of the album`s title and “D” plays “Egyptian Reggae”with Arthur Russell`s cello over just a bit of “Blue Monday”, “G” hides a rolling “Balearic” piano behind the electronics of Kraftwerk`s “Metropolis” / YMO`s “Insomnia” and the groove of Steve Miller`s “Abracadabra” pitched down. Throughout funky organs and funky guitars punctuate languid, late-night Dub skanks, of the like previewed on last year`s ”Airwalk” single, and Funk riffs break the echo with licks that recall the Pop hooks of “Chant No. 1” or Belouis Some, in what amounts to Kosmische Disco, similar in theory to some of LeRoy`s “Sklash”, but in practice far, far more obsessed with THE BASS than The V.U.

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