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Test Pressing

Emmanuelle / Italove / Deewee

EMMANUELLE, Italove, Test Pressing, Review, Dr Rob, Soulwax, 2ManyDJs, Belgium

“Italove” is actually the b-side here but that`s the one I prefer, as it kinda reprises the Italian “Techno” that followed the success of Sueno Latino, music slightly harder than that classic by the likes of the the group`s Cut Master G., relying largely on a big bass pulse, like Factory Floor`s “Two Different Ways” tamed, and Emmanuelle`s cute Portuguese, while its piano strikes the chord of a beach sunset.

“L`uomo D`affari” is more Mudd Club Electro. Sexual Harassment`s “Freak” doing the Salsa Smurph while Special Request get Kraftwerk stoned.

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