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Test Pressing

Kris Baha & Nick Murray / Besom / Kinfolk

Test Pressing, Review, Dr Rob, Soft Rocks, Kinfolk, Chris Galloway, Piers Harrison, Kris Baha, Nick Murray, Besom

The long-awaited new release on Soft Rocks` Kinfolk (as heard last September when I guested with Apiento on NTS). strengthens the chaps` Antipodean ties, after Tornado Wallace`s Coober Pedy University Band 12”, by hooking up with Kris Baha of Melbourne`s Power Station & Nick Murray.

Besom is massive Balearic air guitar, dancing on the bar, business. Think Ram Jam`s “Black Betty” with all the “excess” chopped out and the remaining riffing snapped to a solid House beat. “Bonzai Sunset” colours a groovy b-line with kalimba and shuffling shakers, the sound of a beatbox firing, and the odd power chord. “Third Wish” is a 303 Electro chugger with more Rock moves and ALFOS / Industrial leanings. Where timbales are joined by Blixa Bargeld`s tool box. For his remix Tiago forces a couple of good pills down its neck and drags it, smashed, out into the middle of a packed dancefloor.

The best place I can find to listen is somewhere called Sound Shelter which is new to me.

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