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Test Pressing

Mix / May 2016 Round Up / Part 1

So many promos, so little time. After a relatively quiet April we were inundated with great music during May, so much so that I`ve had to divide the “Round Up” into two. Part 1 is the mellow stuff. Proper ambience from Wolf Muller & Cass, KWC `92 (my pick of the recent batch of L.I.E.S releases), an epic from Poland`s Bartosz “Phantom” Kruczyński, Smith & Mudd paying fine tribute to Innovative Communications and Jose Padilla`s sunset soundtracks, and my favourite from Mark Barrott`s next instalment of “Sketches From An Island” (Apiento`s going for “Driving To Cap Negret” which is in shops now as a promo 10”). There`s Noir from Kasper Bjorke, a piece of blue turning to gold in the form of Anoushka Shankar`s musical reflection on the plight of the World`s refugees and there`s Jazz. Jazz from Brazil, on one of those Mr. Bongo 7s, from Estonia, and from Pat Metheny live, at Seattle`s Opera House. And speaking of “live”, there`s also a priceless Prince moment bootlegged.

  • Mark Barrott / Distant Storms At Sea / International Feel
  • O Som De LCV / Tanganica / Mr. Bongo
  • Anoushka Shankar / Say Your Prayers / Deutsche Grammophon
  • Wolf Muller & Cass / Miyazaki / International Feel
  • KWC`92 / Nr. 5 / L.I.E.S.
  • Kasper Bjorke / Dawn / HFN Music
  • Sven Kullerkupp / Fiesta / Frotee
  • Prince / Joy In Repetition / White
  • Bartosz Kruczyński / Baltic Beat / Growing Bin
  • Pat Metheny / San Lorenzo / Hi Hat
  • Smith & Mudd / Mhor / Claremont 56

Test Pressing, Mix, Dr Rob, May, 2016, Round Up

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