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Test Pressing

Sorcerer / Nabu Network / Universal Cave

Test Pressing, Dr Rob, Review, Nabu Network, Sorcerer, Universal Cave

Three of the tracks on Universal Cave`s first 12” release, and the first that contains all new music, centre on House; an Electro-Afro sleepy tribal stomp with a classic 3 AM bass line, the Proto- of Winston Jones, Boyd Jarvis, Colonel Abrams, and chiming keys, while the title piece conversely makes like an `80s Pop Jazz instrumental with bongos and a clipped lazy sunshine guitar lick. Falling short of Mandy`s “I Just Can`t Wait”, more like Andi Hanley playing The Belle Stars` “Sun, Sun, Sun” at the wrong speed, or Orange Juice`s “A Place In My Heart”, with an axe crescendo at the end that sounds like Destroyer trying to start a forest fire.

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