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Test Pressing

Hardway Brothers / Pleasure Cry / Throne Of Blood

Test Pressing, Review, Dr Rob. Sean Johnston, A Love From Outer Space, Weatherall, Pleasure Cry, Throne Of Blood,

“Pleasure Cry” is vampiric sleaze. Leather, gimps and dungeons. Master Reese`s Rave hoovers and S&M vocals. Felix Da Housecat being tied up by Sofie Bloo. Midway through it hits an ethereal Clannad-in-a-clearing moment, that in context feels a bit like the end of Terry Gilliam`s “Brazil”, where Sam “escapes”. Remember kids agree on those safe words first. Tuff City Kids nudge up the tempo, change the spike from Rohypnol to a bump of uncut Merck coke and get at it with `89 pianos, and clattering, tumbling Chicago percussion. DJ International finding out just how far Peter Black will actually go. “PNO” keeps the pianos, adds arms in the air synths, and does a DJAX / Relief on the drums. Mood II Swing`s “Club 2000” with the Hammond replaced by electronic fizz. It`ll have a wrecked dance floor turning this way and that way like headless chickens in its voodoo. The rush almost pulling them from the floor. That beat compelling them to stay.

In contrast “Argonaut” is a collage of Balearic days past. Weatherall`s ON-U-esque remix of “Come Together”. “Inner flight” reprised over a Bladerunner beat. Andy On The Eve`s “Melodies Of Passion”, T99`s “Invisible Sensuality”. Proctor at The Fitness Centre, Promised Land. A Big Boss Groove.

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