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Test Pressing

Domestic Documents Volume 1 / Noise In My Head / Butter Sessions

Test Pressing, Dr Rob, Review, Noise In My Head, Butter Sessions, Domestic Documents, Australia

Eleven analogue excursions complied by Noise In My Head in conjunction with Butter Sessions` Sleep D. Compositions of deep dark drums for dance floor dynamics that pick out an Australian underground, illuminating its shadows. The comp serving as a sampler (Volume 2 is due later this year), and as a collection documenting an antipodean “movement” alined with Playgroup`s warehouse vibe (all be it with more recent, younger reference points) and (inspired by?) Ron Morelli`s L.I.E.S. The offerings here sharing method (rough hewn electronics) with the Long Island crew, if lacking its confidence / arrogance / “Fuck you” attitude and sheer dirt. Everything on “Domestic Documents” is cleaner, has less consciously “Bad Trip” / microdot fuzz around its edges.

Definitely more Techno than House, the music is clanking and scrapping, Industrial. Pounding, jack(in`) hammer Acid. EBM in its dark approximation of Hardy`s Music Box. Delayed and dubbed. Reaching subterranean depths on Mosam Howieson`s “104”, while Multiple Man`s “Self Servant” is Pop, Balearic even, in comparison. Bass-lines borrow from Sci-Fi soundtracks, run like improvised Jazz solos. Beats clash like Photek`s two sword technique, amidst contemplative oriental timbres. Interludes are provided by keys in “North Beach” solos and a glitched New Age. Bin shaking 808s ride Burial`s night bus home.

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