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Test Pressing

Michal Turtle / Phantoms Of Dreamland / Music From Memory

Test Pressing, Review, Music From Memory, Red Light Records, Amsterdam, Michal Turtle, Phantoms Of Dreamland

They Funk these “Phantoms”. Electro, cowbell-ed, Ethno, Occult, droning, Dub, low-slung, slap bass-led, Cosmic Funk. These phantoms do Jazz. Shakers and vibes, fusion arrangements and warm spiritual breezes. They Pop, all be it Avant. Nick Nicely`s psychedelic made elastic by a rubber-band band. Shock`s “Dream Games” bedroom TEAC demo`d. Spoken wordplay like The Flying Lizards on (more) Acid. Losing it. Hassell`s fourth world horns hover like an audio heat haze in power spots. Spaced invaders weave eastern motifs in Wobble`s dark bazaar. Ambient moments are haunted by ethereal vocals and cut-up conversations. Keys and guitars caught in a gale in a cold “Quiet Village”. Industrial “Taboo”. Live percussion, sometimes complex, sometimes hand-drum simple, tumbles through subterranean Techno tunnels, code and data communicating like warring factions in an `80s arcade game, kicking back, bickering in a time-out, before the 10p pieces get pushed into their slot, though nothing here is quite as electronic as Michal Turtle`s previous 12 for MFM. These “Phantoms Of Dreamland” have their edges blurred. They are less angular, more organic. They have an awful lot in common with the tape experiments of Savant. They are the sound of a Can jam, if Can were machines.

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