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Test Pressing

Mix / June 2016 Round Up / Part 2

Bookended by modern-sounding House mutations discovered on “The Lost Tape”, the music takes flight with the boss Electronic Fusion of Jon Tye & Ruf Dug`s Cherry Garcia. It runs into a (re-issued) Italian Who Does It Better at the Bossa Nova Civic Club and catches a funky Hammond “Big Fish” courtesy of more Italians at Hell Yeah! A “Big Fish” and Jorge Velez` “Baby Whale” (recalling the urgency of Jay Denham`s “White Flight” and the incredible Legowelt). MK VII`s Romeo fails to woo his Juliet, and the Crooked Man laments a love that he shouldn`t have let go (DFA have an album of material lined up from the veteran DJ / producer, of which “Happiness” is just a sublime Deep House taste). Harmonious Thelonious takes his Diskant Voodoo on holiday, has it partying on an open-air dance floor in the Mediterranean. Ptaki remix their countryman, Niemoc. (more) Italians Tempelhof remix Ibiza`s Jose Padilla. Still with Italy, Common Series becomes XXXV Gold Fingers for What Ever Not. In a confused U.K. Chaos In CBD kick out a future classic.

  • The Lost Tape – Night Walk – Parkwest
  • Cherry Garcia – I Am The Circle – Golf Channel
  • Mike Simonetti – Bossa Nova Civic Club Bootleg – White
  • Verdo – Big Fish – Hell Yeah!
  • Jorge Velez – Baby Whale (Coral Cassette Mix) – Berceuse Heroique
  • MK VII – Dial Theory (Case Study 9) – E-Versions
  • Crooked Man – Happiness (DNA 5) – DFA
  • Harmonious Thelonious – Drum & Clap – Italic
  • Niemoc – Przekatne (Ptaki Remix) – Father & Son Records & Tapes
  • Jose Padilla – Akamundo (Tempelhof Remix) – Secret Life
  • XXXV Gold Fingers – Galegos – What Ever Not
  • Chaos In The CBD – Global Erosion – Youandme
  • The Lost Tape – Cabin Blues – Parkwest

Test Pressing, Dr Rob, Mix, June 2016, Round Up, Isla Magica

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