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Test Pressing

Quinn Lamont Luke / Temporadas / Aficionado

Quinn Lamont Luke, Dr Rob, Moonboots, Jason Boardman, Aficionado, Paqua, Bing Ji Ling

Four instrumental cuts from one of the most distinctive voices in these 21st Century echoes of Ibiza`s Balearic Beat. Drum machine sketches featuring fat riffs, acoustic strum, Robin Trower Blues, Country, Folk, and fractured wah wah Funk. Guitars get phased, leads sound almost voice-boxed, and on occasion are prone to cry. Cicadas chirrup. Pianos play like a lover`s fingers trailing currents from a Cambridge punt.

Quinn`s in there with `Nado`s other six-string auteurs; Half Silk, Ménage à Trois, and Eleventeen Eston, but the biggest comparisons come from those early solo LPs by Tommy Guerrero. Two dudes alike. If the E.P. begins with that punt, and the sunshine and green of Spring (“Primavera”), it follows the seasons and closes nocturnal and darkened (“Invierno”), wrought with emotion, as if wrestling with complication, reflecting on closure.

* Great photo care of Medium-Grey

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