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Test Pressing

Len Leise / Ing / General Purpose

Len Leise, Ing, General Purpose, Australia, Public Possession, Review, Dr Rob, Test Pressing

Sharp guitar shards cut lop-sided skanks. Steppers pianos stride reel-to-reel rewinds and SFX while existential poetry describes a dream landscape. Robotic, Ethno-stringed, Reggae-Not-Reggae, in abstract fractured but damn funky ON-U space soundclashes with mad caucasian interpretations of Sly & Robbie / Shinehead`s pre-sage-ing of JA`s digital age. “Rocking” could be an extension of Len`s remix of his own “O Caminho” but all six tracks here have the feel of the discoveries made by Balearic Mike and Moonboots circa the days of“Alphonsus” mixes and “Whirlpool” parties. Strange, cool, Cod, like Barry Reynolds` “Til The Doctor Gets Back”, McCartney`s “Check My Machine”, or Fist Of Facts. Back when Cosmic met Balearic.

I don`t think “Ing” is in shops just yet, but in the UK you can pre-order from Piccadilly and in the US from Pacific Beach.

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