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Test Pressing

Mix / July 2016 Round Up / Part 1

Starting off easy, as if in and out of sleep. Perchance to dream. From the Yangtze to Cala Conta, last swimmers in tight pants follow Buddah`s footsteps. Tracks from 130701`s celebration of fifteen years of Post-Classical class. Moments from Soul Jazz` excavation of Popol Vuh`s pilgrimage to Tibet (these were released at the end of last year, but copies have only just reached Japan). Two more from Warren Ellis` soundtrack for “Mustang”, one from Music For Memory, and one Innovative Communication reissued by Mannequin. Sought after Library sounds lovingly restored by Sonor, and new music it has inspired from L.U.C.A. There`s the Ambient side of Phil Mison`s Ambala project and a truly special piece from Coyote`s soon come “Songdogs”.

  • Dmitry Evgrafov – Anthem – 130701
  • The System – Pendy! You`re In Some Awful Danger – Music From Memory
  • Ambala – Zarago – Music For Dreams
  • Ambala – Last Swimmer – Music For Dreams
  • Warren Ellis – Under Siege – Milan
  • L.U.C.A. – Plancton – Edizioni Mondo
  • Olivier Alary – Yangtze – 130701
  • Warren Ellis – The Colt Bolts – Milan
  • Popol Vuh – Manasarowar The Turquoise Lake – Soul Jazz
  • Sylvian Chaveau – N B – 130701
  • Alberto Baldan Bembo – Se Mi Manca Elisa – Sonor Music Editions
  • Coyote – Cala Conta Sunset – Is It Balearic?
  • Dustin O`Halloran – Constreaux No.2 – 130701
  • Din A Testbild – Tight Pants – Mannequin

Test Pressing, Mix, Dr Rob, July 2016, Round Up

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