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Test Pressing

Prins Emanuel / Arbete Fritid / Music For Dreams

Prins Emanuel, Arbete, Fritid, Music For Dreams, Sweden, Malmo, Copenhagen, Denmark, Kenneth Bager, Coma Club, Dr Rob, Test Pressing, Review

Kalimba patterns, House “hats”, and counter rhythm kicks combine in a Lo-Fi Afro / Caribbean frug. Taking love out dancing on the floor. Third World hooked on it. The Disco-Not-Disco of Peter Tosh introducing his chalice to royalty. Steel pans echo. Percussion tumbles in Dub. Baselines groove and skank. There have been Studio / “West Coast” comparisons made and the music here IS Dan Lissvik-eque. Keys belch like bullfrogs or make like FK working his magic on the Forrrce. Guitars are drifts of highlife.

Quieter moments mix lazy, sleepy, loops with mediative bongos, sighing machines and heat haze synths. Hypnotic shuffles of waterfall vibes, bell chimes, cowbell and “found” accompaniment. The LP divided neatly between elastic-bassed Cosmic Zouk and a “Butterfly”-like Post-Punk Jazz Funk.

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