Test Pressing, Dr Rob, Review, Walter De Vecchio, AD Bourke, ROTLA, Really Swing #9, Naples. Italy, Far Out, Edizioni Mondo

Neapolitan Walter De Vecchio`s Really Swing (1) label steps out of the Library and, for its 9th release, lines up three sublime slices of modern Fusion, the results of a collaboration between fellow Italians AD Bourke (2) (currently doing interesting stuff for Far Out`s (3) forward-looking Five Fold imprint) and ROTLA (4) (part of the Edizioni Mondo family).

On “Ostia 1982”, Jazz-Funk rhythm guitar and simple sweet keys check the titular date and (again) recall the Post-Punk Soul of Freeez (5), yet lasers bounce off Sci-Fi mirror balls and strobe a discotheque in a galaxy far far away, flirting with Fasaan`s Future Boogie (6), samba-ing alongside Cherry Garcia`s last 12. “Traffic Jam” is a P-Funk head-nodder, in the mode of Dam Funk and Cherries (7). Its sharp synth and fret work undercut by 303 bubbles. “Foresta” could almost be an Ambient take on Black Science Orchestra`s “New Jersey Deep” (8). Wood, Brass, & Steel`s “Funkanova” (9) journeyed through and beyond the stars on Arp-bent notes and blissed-out arcs.