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Test Pressing

DJ Pippi / Bocadillos Variados / Music For Dreams

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Pippi (1) was born in Italy, but he first visited Ibiza in 1978 – to check Bob Marley play The Plaza De Toros (2) – and has been living on the island since 1984. He`s held residencies at Amnesia, Ku and Pacha, and continues to DJ, now on a more “freelance” basis. So if you`d like an insight into this Balearic Beat thing, then Pippi is more qualified than most. His new LP on Music For Dreams is a largely down-tempo set, reflecting his love of Black music and an early `90s of Movement 98 (3) and Acid Jazz. Masterplans (4), Groundbeat, Tammy Payne (5), Rose Windross (6) – the wine bar Soul revival that coincided with that Flying trip and the English invasion of 1990 (7)(resulting in the reissue of Terry Callier`s dug-out and dusted-down “Don`t Want To See Myself”). Barbara Tucker sings a love song. Maze`s “Joy & Pain” gets (loosely) covered. On “Make U Smile” co-producer Tuccinelli pairs Omar`s “There`s Nothing Like This” (8) with Señor M & Grayze Ones` “Time”. Loon birds, acoustic guitars, accordions, harps and strings mix with growling bass-lines and conga rattle, sometimes Cantoma-esque (9) – “Eivissa Saxomatica”`s heavy, horny heartbeat could have come straight out of Phil Mison`s “Recession Session” playlists (10) – but more frequently – as if in tribute to that inspirational Marley gig – as a Pop Reggae. “Mr. P” borrows that “Searching For The Truth” sample (previously half-inched by Joey Jay (11) and The Sabres Of Paradise (12)). “Cristal Palpita” is Soul II Soul`s smiling face (13) meets Shaka`s “Dub Symphony” (14).

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