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Another London clubbing institution has had its license revoked. Journalist Emma Warren hits the nail on the head regarding the Fabric situation for The New Statesman…

Fabric, Piece, New Statesman, Emma Warren, Journalist, Closure

“There’s a special kind of solidarity that you get from sharing a night out with people who are different to you, and it’s increasingly rare. People mix at secondary school (if they go to a comprehensive) and then drift off into socially segregated workplaces and lives. Nightclubs have been the prime melting pot, and a large-scale one at that, for Londoners for decades. You don’t need any qualifications to get in. No-one’s going to make you feel stupid for not knowing anything — there are no invisible barriers as there are with museums or galleries. Clubs are one of the few remaining public spaces where literally anyone who wants to go, or has the chutzpah, can go. Luckily, dancing in the dark is a human need, so what is squeezed out in one place, will pop up somewhere else. It just might not be in London.”

You can read the whole article HERE.

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