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Test Pressing

Jonny Nash & Suzanne Kraft / Melody As Truth

Test Pressing, Dr Rob, Review, Melody As Truth, Jonny Nash, Diego Herrera, Suzanne Kraft

A spit 7 of new material from Melody As Truth, with each of the label`s protagonists (to date), Jonny Nash (1) & Diego Herrera / Suzanne Kraft (2), contributing a track apiece. Jonny`s “Cristina & Carolina” is carefully picked Americana. A not-quite-Country-not-quite-Blues taking the centre in a landscape of reverbed piano, buzzing with bass hum. There`s a hint of both Mid-West dust and The Floyd`s Dave Gilmour up in the Formentera hills (3). Perhaps Robert Plant`s “Big Log” (4). Drums that move slowly like the hands of a watched clock measuring out time. Suzanne`s “Roberto & Giovanni” is best described as “a sound painting”. Its synesthesia of treated synth swells recounting a story of morning, of soft pale blue light, white linen, of intimacy, eyes opening, hearts waking, of smiles and whispers shared. A honeymoon`s vacuum. Both are extremely accomplished and mature.

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