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Test Pressing

Juan Marco / Flumlens / Feel International

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International Feel`s “rough & ready” diffusion line – hand-stamped white labels, no art, no Disco Bag, no one-sheet – an experiment in getting music out there on vinyl more quickly – kicks off with an E.P. from Scandinavians Juan Marco.

The A-side is characterised by loose, almost Nyahbinghi percussion*, animal cries and shrieks. Obalski`s bells (1) mixing with frog mating calls, and snake charmer serenades. “Postcard” could be Art Of Noise meeting with Peckham`s 22a Collective (2) to cover the Exotica (3) of Martin Denny / Arthur Lyman, or Gilles` re-imagined Cuba (4). The B-side has a more Electronic, pitched-down House sound. That of Antinote`s DK (5) sighing under Summer palms. Chancha Via Circuito (6) recreating tradition & ceremony, festival & carnival.

Best place to listen, and probably purchase, is currently Juno.

*While mentioning Nyahbinghi, I have to let you know that Japan`s Dub Store have reissued Count Ossie`s legendary 3xLP “Grounation” set.

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