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Test Pressing

Tornado Wallace / Second Circle

Test Pressing, Dr Rob, Review, Tornado Wallace, Second Circle, Red Light Records, Music From Memory, Australia, Berlin, Amsterdam

This Tornado (1) spinning into Berlin has resulted in three tribal machine workouts for Music From Memory`s (2) now-focused Second Circle imprint. All display a Detroit-influence, be it “Techno” pads, or the sound of alien distress signals and deep space probes petitioning the dark unknown in search of other life forms. “Falling Sun” sends layered percussion and Fairlight stutter into disparate orbits, oblique gravitational arcs that pull them in and out of phase, push them to and from the fore. The shifting intensities disorientating like a big hit coming on (though there is a calm once inside). “Singing Planet” constructs a wall of New Age oscillation over its digital voodoo, while, despite lifting its name from a national park the size of Slovenia (and the sampling of Alligator River gulls), the filtered high-hats of the DJ Sotofett-indebted (3) “Kakadu” rise like the urban noise of night; silicon circuits chirruping like steely, robotic crickets and cicadas. Its big room drums twisting and morphing into a Drum & Bass break.

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