Test Pressing, Dr Rob, Danny McLewin, Psychemagik, Avant Garde, Everybody`s Lover Remixes , Spacetalk, Leng, Claremont 56, Jaz, Party Dad, Mudd, Paul Murphy

Danny “Psychemagik” McLewin continues to broaden the scope of his Spacetalk imprint, adding this Euro Disco shuffler to the Soul and Soft Rock of previous releases. Lifted from the B-side of an obscure (naturally) Dutch 7” from 1982, Jaz, Party Dad, and Mudd expertly extend, Dub, and de-cheese (just a tad) the original. Jaz & Party Dad retain the dialogue, which recalls Amadeo`s “Memories”, while Mudd emphasises the Imagination “Body Talk” bass-line, both results slotting into a canon of mellow, Italo / Italo-Not-Italo that might include Girls Can`t Help It, DJ Look, Pat & Pats, Dr Togo, Ginni Gallan (thank you Jerome) , and the (also Dutch) Harvey-endorsed “Starlight” by Risque (I`d been wondering why everyone in Tokyo had started playing this – then Max Essa enlightened me), and appropriately (since Spacetalk is sponsored by Paul Murphy`s operation) those Claremont 56 “Originals”, Flyer, Bandaid`s “Tour Of Italy”, “Radio Rap”, selected way back when by Manchester`s Balearic Godfathers.

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