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Dmitry Evgrafov / The Quiet Observation / 130701

Dmitry Evgrafov, The Quiet Observation, 130701, Russia, Dr Rob, Test Pressing, Review, Dave Howell, Fat Cat

Here in Karuizawa, the mercury falling, folks are readying shutters, firewood and kerosene. Pulling coats and thermal underwear from lofts and cupboards. Thinking about holing up, as six months of Winter begins its descent. Another year over. Another year done. Yet the trees are still green and bright, a consequence of 2016`s relay of typhoons and their accompanying rain. The vegetation disorientated, doesn’t know if it`s coming or going. There`s only the odd red, the odd brown. “Koyo”, they call the colour change in Japan.

Russian pianist Dmitry Evgrafov released his previous record, “Collage” last October, and he follows it now with an appropriately “Autumnal” E.P., “The Quiet Observation”. Where church organ sound pipes around solo piano glissando and Satie-like figures, a kind of cinematic Jazz (three of the seven pieces are taken from the soundtrack to Vladimir Back`s “Ptichka”), picked out, slow and thoughtful. Glockenspiel and improvised violin join compositions inspired in part by Tolstoy, and which while perhaps reflecting and preparing for a period of loneliness and isolation, do so in the last of the warmth of a fading Summer sun.

Dmitry says “The Quiet Observation” is that “You can`t change anything”, our role simply to watch.

Another year over. Another year done. On with the long-johns.

“The Quiet Observation” was released last Friday by 130701 .

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