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Test Pressing

IN-IS / Seven Days

Test Pressing, Dr Rob, Sheridan Tongue, IN-IS, Seven Days, Lake, Roundhouse, Sackler Space

We`ve covered a few Modern / Post / Classical releases recently (Resina, Dmitry Evgrafov, Biosphere, Murcof X Vanessa Wagner). Must be Winter on its way. If you were into any of those then another set that deserves your attention is IN-IS` “Seven Days”. Eight short orchestral themes of stillness and melancholy, of piano – electric or grand, strings, small guitar figures, and the echo of a music box ballerina`s pirouette. Music for fans of Hans Zimmer`s score for “Inception”, Nick Cave & Warren Ellis` for “The Assassination of Jesse James….”, or Ellis on his own for “Mustang”, Michael Nyman`s collaborations with Peter Greenaway, and Johann Johannsson`s forthcoming “Arrival”. If this is your bag then IN-IS performs live at The Roundhouse`s Sackler Space tomorrow (October 27th). The album`s out on Friday.

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