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Test Pressing

Mark Barrott / Remixes From An Island / International Feel

Test Pressing, Dr Rob, Review, Mark Barrott, Remixes, Sketches From An Island, Ibiza, Nu Guinea, Finis Africae, Dominique Dumont, CFCF

CFCF turns “Brunch With Suki” into Jazzy Drum & Bass (The Ballistics (1)). Finis Africae`s Luis Delgado (2) applies his suitcase full of ethnic instrumentation to “Over At Dieter`s Place”. Dominique Dumont (3) uses a cowbell to get the pastoral Kosmische of “Der Stern, Der Nie Vergeht” to dance. Early Sounds` Nu Guinea go terraforming and turn “The Mysterious Island Of Dr. Nimm” into Brazilian-influenced Fusion. Kinda Fuga Ronto (4) but less Pop, more Cesar Mariano (5).

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