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Resident Advisor On Tokyo`s Audiophile Bars

Resident Advisor, Tokyo, Audiophile Bars, Dr Rob, Test Pressing, Aaron Coultate

An essential read for anyone planning on visiting the city, RA editor Aaron Coultate has written an amazing piece on Tokyo`s “Audiophile” bars.

After ten years in Japan, in my opinion, this is the city. Not the big clubs (bang, bang, bobbins), but the enthusiast-run, enthusiast-patroned, tiny holes in the wall, that build loyal clientele by word of mouth, and that you would never know were there if it weren`t for the friend of a friend of a friend. There`s nothing like being let in on a secret.

As I`m sure Aaron will atest, the piece is just a taste, focussed on perhaps the better known establishments, and that similar venues exist in a basement or in a converted 7th story apartment, on a block in every district. You could swap the sex for music in tourism and plot a course across Japan by these places (and the record stores).

A primer then. And a fucking great one.

You can read Aaron`s feature here

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