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Test Pressing

Vanishing Twin / Choose Your Own Adventure / Soundway

Test Pressing, Review, Dr Rob, Vanishing Twin, Cathy Lucas, Malcolm Catto, Heliocentrics, Soundway, Choose Your Own Adenture

When Cathy Lucas made public the first video (1) from her Malcolm Catto-produced Vanishing Twin project I made allusions to Broadcast, Stereolab and Death & Vanilla. A session with whole LP adds an entire room full of references. “Vanishing Twin Syndrome” puts Neu!, via Cavern Of Anti-matter`s (2) clanking Kosmische, through the Silver Apples` “Simeon” (3) – xylophone solos, sax manipulations and oscillation breakdowns. “Telescope” has the Pale Saints (4) turn Lee Hazlewood (5) into lava lamp, space age bachelor pad psychedelia. `50s and `60s Sci-Fi soundtracks mix with New York Fluxus (6) drone. Percussion tumbles through tunnels of throbbing low end, scoring dreams of pursuit. Sun Ra-like (7) enigmatic words of wisdom intone from a pitch ocean of ethereal sirens` calls. Flute, piano, tabla, harp, cello, Arthur Lee-guitar figures (8), an orchestra / arkestra, float in a universe of womb-like bass. In places “Choose Your Own Adventure” recalls the spooked Folk of Catto`s Heliocentrics reworking Nico (9). In others it pairs the mind-altering experiments of The Host`s “Esalen Lectures” (10) with swinging Jazz strangeness and Ken Nordine countdowns (11). The title track gives Wendy & Bonnie (12) a funky drummer, has Joe Byrd & his Field Hippies (13) engaged in White Noise`s love without sound (14), out on the high-wire of the metaphysical circus.

You can listen and buy over at Soundway

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