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Test Pressing

Golden Retriever / Capablanca / Omena

Test Pressing, Dr Rob, Review, Golden Retriever, Capablanca, Omena

Six short tracks of counterpoint. Of acoustic Jazz & Folk picking. Music that does its best to disguise (much like the strict anonymity of the artist involved) a delicacy of touch. A delicacy which reveals itself on repeated and ever closer listens. Recorded with an iPhone as the only mic, the sound of the strings appears to run in two directions at once, to create complexity from the simplest of sources, on the most rudimentary of gear. The vocal harmonies are David Crosby`s “Orleans” via Panda Bear, and the overall playfulness has “Capablanca” sharing a White Isle sunset with the Penguin Cafe Orchestra, Haroumi Hosono`s Hawaiian Exotica homages and Seigen Ono`s catalogue for Comme Des Garcons. The closest comparison I can think of is CFCF`s “On Vacation”, itself a contender for record of the year.

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