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Test Pressing

Mix / Raphael Top Secret

When I asked Raphael one of our standard questions, “Would you say you have a particular “sound”?”, he replied specifically to this mix:

“You know I can spend days selecting records when I have to play somewhere or to record a mix. I really do it from the heart, taking care of everything around it because it’s my life. I have a strong aesthetic approach. I’m thinking a lot about how I want it to sound. For this mix I wanted to create my idea of the soundtrack to a late `80s Californian mystic surfer life. I guess because I’ve just re-watched “Point Break”, one of my favourite movies when I was a kid. To see it again and hear some of the music, reminded me of some deep feelings from my childhood, and made me think about where I am in life now. So this subject opened a direction and then I just went further with the movie of course. One hour is short to me and it has to tell a story, especially for a website. Pretty synthetic with a variety of sounds that can communicate together even if they are different. Keeping it alive and opening new doors. In one line, “My mood”.”

So you get Romeo`s dreaming, blowing a sad Isham horn, fading into a Kosmische float, and lilting sun-loving songs for blue horizon watching from around the globe. Pop Reggae, a Pop Jazz paradise, and Lovers less Pop. A geezer, post-PIL, pre-Invaders Of The Heart, privately-pressed breakbeat Soul, Electro-Boogie, cool vibes, slowly Jacking bass-lines and bongos, near-Trance, and “proper” Deep House. There are a few easy IDs peppered about to lull you into a false sense of security, but once you`re past halfway in, forget it.

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