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Test Pressing

Suzanne Kraft / What You Get For Being Young / Melody As Truth

Test Pressing, Dr Rob, Review, Jonny Nash, Diego Herrera, Suzanne Kraft, What You Get For Being Young, Melody As Truth

Muted brass on gentle tides and sustain in swells that owe something to Gigi Masin`s genius. Sparse piano chords, electric or acoustic, mark out compositions that might define “Melody As Truth”`s sound. Dude Energy`s machines kick rhythms, percolating at Drum & Bass tempos, like fresh morning coffee, and the tone, gated and delayed, tunes into somewhere between Belleville, Michigan, and Tokyo. All serve to underline label boss, Jonny Nash`s, citing of Neil Ollivierra`s Detroit Escalator Company as a key influence. Producing a “Post-Techno” (as opposed to “Post-Rock”), where synthetic sigh and subliminal bleep echo infinite, the detail, far off in a deep distance.

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